Metabolic Cooking – Reaping the Health Benefits of this Trend


What is metabolic cooking?

Metabolic cooking is a fairly new method of preparing food so that not only is the food tasty, but it actively assists you in burning calories. According to the guys from Greenrunnerbean, this food preparation trend is growing in popularity due to the tasty yet thermogenic recipes involved.

This food prep plan was created and developed by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. These two pioneers created a plan that seems to fly in the face of all traditional diets. While many diet plans encourage cutting out whole food groups, metabolic cooking is actually a promotion of foods that are savory and healthy.

What Can I Eat on the Metabolic Cooking Plan

Protein Pancakes are allowed!
Protein Pancakes are allowed!

Some diet programs expect participants to give up bread or rice; others may instruct you to cut out fatty foods. With Metabolic cooking, you aren’t just considered to be dieting. Actually, Metabolic cooking encourages the inclusion of shrimp, tasty rice, and healthy muffins in addition to many other savory dishes.

There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the Metabolic diet. Very few diet plans encourage users to eat pancakes for breakfast, but the Metabolic diet allows for a variety of protein pancakes as well as many egg inspired dishes. Lunch may consist of a lean meat with hearty vegetables.

Most diet plans don’t allow for potatoes, and, if they do, you’ll only get a small portion of sweet potatoes as they are a healthier version of spud. However, the Metabolic meal plan allows for some variety of potato dishes as well as red meat in reasonable amounts. Participants can lose weight, but this program is also designed to promote the health of those who merely wish to maintain a healthy weight. Lean muscle mass will be boosted as a result of the specially planned meal program.

How Does Metabolic Cooking Work?

Metabolic cooking works because the individual combines certain foods that are both healthy and tasty to encourage the thermogenic effect, which means your food is encouraging your body to burn calories and metabolize nutrients in a more efficient manner. Although those who lose weight admit is not something that happens overnight, most participants state that they have lost an average of ten pounds over a six month period. Of course, results will vary.

The diet works for those who want to lose weight as well as for those who simply want to improve their eating habits. Proponents laud the tasty variety of foods available to Metabolic cooking participants; weight loss and tasty meals finally go hand-in-hand!