Simply Fit Balance Board Review Shark Tank Product Review


 The Simply Fit Board Is Making Exercise More Convenient & Fun Than Ever

Most Shark Tank products fail because they are either not efficient, attractive, cheap, or simply because nothing a regular person would use in their everyday lives. Nevertheless, one of the participants on hit Shark Tank Show ABC, Lori Greiner, realized that the exercise board was an immediate success. The board was not only easy to market–incredibly immersive and enticing for audiences–it is also a feature that almost anyone in everyday life can use to enhance their everyday workout routine.

So what is the difference between the Simply Fit and other similar models? It’s surely not the first exercise or balance board ever to come to market. But the Simply Fit Board is considered to be the first rounded angled balance board, suitable for twisting. The twisted action requires a greater number of your core muscles, knees, and glutes than other competition boards, not to forget that the exercise board will support up to 400 pounds and most competition can support up to 200-300!

You may wonder, how does this thing work? It might look complex or intimidating, but it only takes some practice to get it correct! Begin by putting the board on the floor. It’s ideal for carpet, hardwood and smooth linoleum are not suggested, as it’s a hazard of slipping and falling).

After getting your two feet on the board, try practicing rocking from side to side until the center of gravity has been found. Don’t be embarrassed if you struggle at the beginning. When you feel secure, you should turn your hips in a semicircular action. Make sure to twist, not the knees but from the hips! When you have the basics covered, the rest is almost automatic.

The Simply Fit Board enables busy individuals to acclimate their exercise. You can take the board to the gym or just workout from the comfort and confidentiality of your own home. You can only concentrate on balance or apply some weights and other tools to make the exercise more intense.

The Simply Fit Board is perfect for twists that combine the irritating weight with your core muscles. This is why it’s so essential to keep your waist twist limited while your legs and feet remain grounded. Some more complex movements include using the Simply Fit Board as a position for your hands when going from standing to tossing, plant and any combination.

If you are shopping for a beginner-friendly balance board, this is definitely a great choice. There are of course other exercise boards and accessories, but the Simply Fit Board is the first to come up with a proprietary curved model which allows you to twist at a range of 180 ° or even 360 ° rather than to rock side by side. And don’t overlook that the Simply Fit Board is fun–why would you lay on your back and do sit-ups, when you can twist and balance the weight away? Btw, you can read more about related products that were featured on shark tank on, they cover quite a few cool products that might spark your interest.