Using Vaping To Quit Smoking


Vaping is often considered to be a healthier option than cigarette smoking due to a variety of benefits that are associated with it when compared to regular tobacco cigarettes. Since the health benefits of vaping are commonly understood as a comparison to smoking cigarettes and the ill effects of smoking are well known, many people will use vaping as a way of stopping smoking cigarettes. Doing so can be an effective way of changing your life and improving your health over health long term. Here are some of the ways that vaping is used to stop smoking cigarettes.

Why vaping and what is it

Vaping tobacco involves an device that heats up an e-liquid that is inserted into an chamber with a heating element that will heat it up at a temperature that vaporizes the e-liquid and leaves a vapor that conveys both the nicotine and flavor to the user without the ill side effects that are caused by inhaling the tar and smoke from a regular cigarette. Because vaping is able to eliminate these bi-products it is typically considered to be a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and is often used as an aide to helping to stop smoking altogether, as vaping isn’t exactly good for you either. Rather it is just less bad than smoking cigarettes the traditional way which involves a known carcinogen.

Low Nicotine Dosage Vaping

One way that vaping can help is with low dosage nicotine e liquid cartridges which allow a smoker to ease themselves off of an addiction to nicotine slowly and reduce the ill effects of it. Once they begin to adjust to the lower nicotine dosage, they can go ahead and begin to reduce their nicotine level more gradually until they can quit smoking with less of an impact on their overall body and they are able to quit once and for all.

An alternative to gum chewing

There is an old belief that the oral fixation that is associated with smoking needs to be replaced with some other oral fixation. Some doctors used to recommend chewing gum to fill this void. Having said this, gum chewing isn’t an effective alternative for stopping smoking, and nicotine gum is often a cause of throat and mouth cancers. Many smokers who give up smoking start to gain weight as they fill a gap for this oral fixation. Vaping solves this problem and more thoroughly replaces cigarettes in a way that gum chewing or eating cannot; by capturing the feel and experience of smoking in a less painful and dangerous way. As a result, vaping can more effectively be used to quit tobacco smoking habits and allow a user to avoid weight gain in the process.