Raw-ring Dog Food


Healthier Food For Dogs Served Raw

Throughout history dogs have always eaten raw dog food. There have been many different kinds of diets to advocate health, weight loss, and our overall wellbeing for life but what can we say about this in relation to our dogs? A dog’s dietary needs and health have taken a new turn lately towards a trend in dog dietitians who advocate the consumption of raw foods. This has emerged from the thousands of years in the depths of our canine’s stomachs to the now raw, vegan, keto-friendly world we live in today. With all the processed food from cheeseburgers to frozen food we humans are not the only animals on the planet starting to take a look in alternative directions for our dietary needs. The kibble we give our pets today is very similar to the leftover scraps of food put together through fast-food chains that we call burgers. It’s no wonder there has been a natural calling back to the wild.

Is Raw Food Better For A Dog?

A reason to serve dogs raw meat, grain, and vegetables is that it is simply better for them. Health has become more apparent in the world we live in and this is as true for dogs as it is its owners. We go to the gym, take dogs for walks, drink protein shakes and eat our vegetables but what can we say for our lovable little friends’ diet? It’s important to know that by giving dogs raw uncooked food you are providing more mineral dense and vitamin rich calories by choosing not to cook it. And if you’re thinking about whether it’s safe or not in terms of the uncooked dangers relating to bacteria, don’t. Dogs and wolves have been eating raw meat, bone, nuts, berries, and different kinds of raw meats, vegetables, and grains for hundreds of thousands of years. This is a more natural and organic approach to our furry friends’ diet than feeding a processed kibble mix that does not allow your dog to chew how it’s canines were designed with the intention of using. By feeding your dog a raw food diet you’re improving their oral hygiene and health as well by letting them chew and shred unlike their kibble allows them to do. This also helps to strengthen gums, teeth, clean and freshen breath by removing plaque buildup.

How To Start Feeding Your Dog Raw Food

Feeding your dog raw dog food is as easy as it sounds. With cooking out of the way, just make sure whatever you put in your dog’s bowl isn’t too big. Big enough for them to chew on but not choke on. For vegetables, cut cucumbers and other vegetables like carrots into slices to also make it easier for your dog to digest. The biggest concern involving the preparation process is making sure that nothing is big enough for them to choke on. By picking up a couple extra pounds of meat to put in the freezer and having a few more eggs around to mix into your canines’ food any dog lover can start. This revolutionary new diet has actually been around for thousands of years and is helping millions of dogs across the world to overcome disease and other health risk factors.