What Are Lice Repellent Hair Bands And How Do They Work?


Head lice is a growing concern for many people across the world; estimated to affect 6-12 million children in the U.S every year. Fortunately for those that want an alternative to messy sprays and oils, there are head lice repellent bands that are cheaper and easier to use than lice repellent sprays and shampoo.

There are many lice repellent products in the market today, but most are very inconvenient to apply and requires extensive brushing; they are also very messy and leave lots of oil on your hands. To the contrary, head lice repellent hair bands are used like a regular hair band: they are simply wrapped around the hair and are infused with the same essential oils (rosemary oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, thyme, etc.) that repel lice. This means that lice repellent hair bands are much easier to use than traditional remedies, and that they also contain natural ingredients and are free of pesticides.

Head lice repellent hair bands last up to two weeks after they are applied and give off a very pleasant smell of natural essential oils; which is produced through evaporation as it is heated. These hair bands have been proven to be 100% safe for adults as well as children 3 years of age or older. Unlike head lice repellent sprays and shampoos, these hair bands are nowhere near as likely to lead to skin irritation or cause any infections. Therefore, it is okay if you or your loved ones have sensitive skin or a sensitive scalp, because lice repellent hair bands are 100% natural and contain a special formula of essential oils that have been proven to repel lice for as much as two weeks.

Head lice repellent hair bands are made with care, and it’s 100% natural formula has been clinically proven to be 95% effective at repelling lice. These hair bands are fun, innovative and easy to use and apply to the hair. They are also very portable and easy to carry around. The elastic hair bands can easily fit in a pocket or carrying bag without taking up half as much space as traditional lice repellent sprays and shampoos would. Head lice repellent hair bands are also much cheaper. Unlike traditional lice repellent sprays and shampoos that cost between $10-20 USD a bottle and won’t last a month, head lice hair repellent bands will only cost you around $2.00 USD for 4 elastic hair bands that lasts up to two weeks per band.

The most important thing about using natural lice repellent, such as is that they are far more effective than artificial solutions: having essential oils that contain lots of monoterpenes that produce an anticholinesterase activity which takes effect on the nervous system of the insects and kill them. This provides scientific proof that natural head lice hair bands are effective in both repelling and killing those pesky parasites on your head!